Electro Drum Corps Is Drum Tuition that embraces live performance to inspire, motivate and reward young drummers.

Electro Drum Corps teaches beginners the fundamentals of hand technique, notation reading and rhythm skills. The EDC course provides modern, electronica style backing tracks composed specifically, to support students technical development and to frequently showcase progress. In a matter of weeks, absolute beginners can experience the thrill and satisfaction of performing live. 

EDC can come to you and provides all equipment necessary for lessons and performance. Lessons are available in both individual and group format. Online Lessons are also available.


The motivation, excitement and sense of achievement experienced through live performance, is key to fostering a young musician’s efforts to practice, focus and consistently improve. Drawing from over 15 years of tuition experience, Electro Drum Corps has carefully designed the tuition process to capitalise on this.

Many young students who attend standard private tuition, enjoy their time with the tutor and on the instrument, but with no outlet to use or showcase their skills, they often don’t find the motivation to practice and hone their technique and knowledge.

A student who is proud of their skills and has regular opportunities to display their ability, will always be more likely to find the motivation to practice and improve, and gain so much more from their music.”


  • Regular performance opportunities
  • Comes to your venue or organization (online options also available)
  • Provides all equipment required for lessons and performance
  • Lessons can be taught at very low volume if necessary, using supplied practice/mute pads and headphones
  • Lessons can be taught anywhere there is access to power
  • Access to online practice resources for all students
  • Over 15 years tuition experience
  • All scheduling and bookkeeping can be managed if necessary
  • Both individual and group lessons available



Jacob is the Creator, and Head Tutor at Electro Drum Corps. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Music, majoring in Drum Kit, and has over 15 years professional experience working as a Dum Tutor and Session Musician.

Jacob also teaches from his private studio “Drum Lessons Brisbane HQ” in Chermside West, Brisbane.

Tuition Experience

CURRENT Drum Lessons Brisbane Brisbane
CURRENT Our Lady Of The Way Primary School Instrumental Program, Petrie
2017-18 The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) Instrumental Program, Petrie
2013-18 Mt Maria College Instrumental Program, Petrie
2011-13 The Drum Cartel Stafford
2012-13 Col Gillies Rudiment Workshop Bowen Hills
2009-12 Murwillumbah Primary School Instrumental Program
2009 Murwillumbah High School Instrumental Program
2007 Emmanuel Anglican College (Relief Teacher, Scott Hills) Ballina
2007 Trinity Catholic College (Relief Teacher, Scott Hills) Lismore
2006 Byron Bay Primary School (Relief Teacher, James Cox)
2005 Murwillumbah Public School (Relief Teacher, Dave Sanders)
1998 East Coast Academy of Music Ballina


Electro Drum Corps also offers online lessons. Operating from our purpose built recording and teaching studio, we use professional audio and video recording equipment to provide students with the best possible online learning experience. Students will have access to multiple camera angles, screen shares, and “live interactive” lesson documents. Tutors can edit and add additional notes to lesson documents in real time, creating an experience very similar to an in person lesson.

Students also have access to their own personal cloud based storage location containing all lesson notes and supporting material. Students can use this location as their home base for accessing lesson material or download content as they wish. Online is obviously perfect for any organisation where location is limiting access to tutors, or if social distancing guidelines are preventing your organisation from offering music lessons.

 We are happy to connect via almost any application that suits your organization’s current setup.


No equipment is required to get started.

To gain good momentum and develop effective practice habits, it is recommended students have access to the essential practice equipment ASAP. 

Below is a link to purchase essential practice equipment online.  There is a shipping option for your convenience. Total approximate cost is $170.

Home Practice Equipment Required:

  • Electro Drum Corps Book “Set 1” (provided free, students must bring to lessons each week )
  • Sticks 7a or 5a weight (students must bring to lessons each week)
  • Practice pad with stand (home practice only)
  • Music stand (home practice only)
  • Metronome (home practice only)

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